February 11, 2016


“Clark County Association of Health Underwriters hosted Kellen Kautzman at our monthly membership luncheon this past Tuesday.  When I first had the topic suggested to me by our Programs Chair, my first inclination was “I’ve heard this all before and I’m still confused!”  But we decided to take a chance and I am so glad we did!

I expected more of the same type of approach that I’d experienced from other speakers on this subject, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that Kellen has a natural gift in speaking and his content is well prepared and thought through so as to meet the needs of his audience.  He tailors his presentation specifically to his audience which is a testimony to his expert knowledge and flexibility.  He arrived before I did (an hour in advance) to set up and to chat with attendees as they arrived so he could learn what interested them most.  He inserted things he learned before the meeting into his presentation which demonstrates that he listened to his guests and he cares…WOW!  That factor alone instantly gained the members respect.

I would highly recommend to any business group or association to invite Kellen to their team meeting if their goal is to learn quickly and concisely what they need to know to make a real impact upon their internet presence.  After hearing his presentation, Kellen leaves everyone with the feeling that this is doable for them…that they just need a little courage to try it!

The real test for me?  Kellen stayed over 45 minutes after the presentation to answer questions and discuss any items that the members approached him about.  No one left quickly…they hung around so as to get their chance to talk to Kellen.

Do yourself a favor.  Contact Kellen to find out if he can do the same for you and your organization.”

Deborah Makiri

“Kellen Kautzman brings to every presentation the passion and skills that inspire and move participants to action. His background as a teacher and motivator enables him to craft value-driven content and his expertise within the marketing arena provides his audience a learning experience that will increase their marketing efforts. From startups to seasoned veterans the strategies he provides are invaluable. ”

Dr. Victoria Boyd

“Kellen was a great guest. Not only was he funny and confident, but he was also very inspiring. ”

David Hall

“MANY thanks for your energetic, exceptionally well-informed presentation to the class. It was dynamic, and of great benefit.

I am grateful for your time, and would love to have you return when I teach marketing this summer. Meanwhile I will certainly give you a high endorsement to the Roseman administration.”

Dr. Gillian Silver