Stop Working Hard – Use Curated Content for Internet Marketing

Take a Writing Break: Use Curated Content

Creating award-winning content on a daily basis can be very time-consuming. While you may know all the facts and figures in your niche and you may have strong opinions, the process of writing great content is daunting for many people. Therefore, you should consider using curated lists. You can even get help from an internet marketing consultant to get the best results.

What is curated content?

Curated content provides a useful service to readers because it is a roundup of pertinent content about a particular topic, given by industry experts who are experts in the field. Curated content is often used to provide a quick overview of recent news affecting your niche. It can also be used to provide how-to guides and expert opinions on a hot topic. Curated content is also a great way to collect case studies to make a point to your customer base.

How do you write curated content?

The first thing that you need to do is decide on the keywords that you want your curated posts to focus on. Then, start choosing the pieces that you want to highlight based on the value that they provide to your readers. Choose only pieces that are well written and where the majority of your readers will learn something. Look for pieces that your site visitors may not otherwise see.

What is the best way to present curated content and where should it be used?

Your presentation of curated pieces is vitally important. It should reflect your brand. Some brands choose to add very little commentary; they let the articles speak for themselves. Others add commentary about why they think the article that they are sharing is a must-read piece. Others choose to include only one or two articles while offering many thoughts about each one.

Curated content can be used in many different ways. You can easily share it on social media; it does particularly well on Twitter. You can also send it out in an email. Whenever you create a curated post, make sure to use it on your blog as well so future visitors can see it. If you are struggling with marketing, then writing curated posts may be the perfect solution.

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