SEO Strategies to Improve Video Rankings

Better Visibility With Video-Oriented SEO Techniques

Videos are a powerful tool through which Internet marketing speakers can reach both new and established audiences. One of the challenges facing content creators is ensuring that their online videos rank highly. Even though this content isn’t text-based, there are still SEO strategies that you can use for greater exposure for all types of videos.

An Effective Title Is a Balanced One

Creating an effective title can have a huge effect on what queries it ranks with, how well it ranks and how effectively it achieves the click-through. The challenge here is creating a title that scores well with SEO mechanisms but is also reader-friendly and engaging. The ideal title will include the most important keywords and key phrases and will target someone who is already interested in the topic and make them want to watch your video.

Allow Subtitles and Transcribe by Hand

Most major video hosts have Closed Captioning systems. This provides subtitles for videos, which allow deaf people to enjoy your content as well. CC is also a powerful internet marketing and SEO tool because it provides text through which search engines can crawl. Some providers even have automated systems, but if you take advantage of them, you’re giving up the SEO benefit. Transcribe manually, and be accurate to the video content. If you write scripts for your videos, think about SEO as you do.

Tag Your Videos With Keywords

Tagging is a means through which search engines can categorize videos. If a person is watching a video tagged with a particular keyword, it can recommend other videos tagged likewise. These tags, however, are also parsed by search engines, and are an effective tool for video marketing for that reason. Use appropriate keywords that rank highly. Be mindful that less is more. Every keyword you add as tag dilutes the effectiveness of the other tags to some degree.

Incorporate Text-Based SEO

Building your channel or channels has very real SEO value. If your channel scores well with a particular keyword, then each video will score better as well. Therefore, you can also add SEO value by listing text beneath a video or even linking out to a website where you list it. For example, if you create cooking videos, then you might list the ingredients along with concise, keyword-rich instructions for preparation and cooking.

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