Make Your Facebook Page More Appealing to Online Shoppers

How to Make Your Facebook Page More Appealing

When customers do an online search for your company name, they’ll often check Facebook before checking out your official site. If you do not use Facebook to your advantage, you won’t catch the attention of those customers. It takes less time than you might think to make your page more appealing.

Provide Lots of Details and Information

A common mistake that some business owners make is failing to provide shoppers with all the information that they need. If you have a customer service department that is only open during specific times during the day, you must include the number for that department and its hours of operation. You should also include details about the products that you sell, too. Facebook lets you upload photos and write status updates, which are great ways to tell customers about any new products available.

Connect with Users

Any Internet marketing consulting firm will tell you that Facebook offers a way for you to actually reach out to your customer base. When a customer feels frustrated, upset, or annoyed, that individual may write a negative review on your Facebook page or leave behind a negative comment. Instead of just deleting it and moving on, you can respond to that customer and look for ways to make the person happy. Because everything you do takes place in the public arena, other customers will see it and realize that you do care about their thoughts. Connecting with users who have questions or leave comments on your page can also help improve your online reputation and presence.

Using Facebook

As the owner of a commercial website, you really need to use Facebook to your advantage, which often requires that you make your page more appealing. Instead of just changing the layout, you can add more details, information, and photos of products. Use Facebook to connect with shoppers, including unhappy shoppers and satisfied customers who posted on the page.

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