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ESL Lesson Plans

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  • Template For ESL Lesson Plan - This ESL lesson plan template will help you write excellent lesson plans that both you, and your administrators, will love.
ESL Lesson Plans

English is fun!

  • Free Beginning ESL Lessons: Introductions - You will receive a complete lesson plan with a game, PowerPoint, worksheet, and quiz for beginning ESL students to learn introductions in this addition of Free Beginning ESL Lessons: Introductions.
  • Learn English Verbs | These Resources Can Help- You can learn English verbs easily, if you have the right resources. Incorporate the following verb table with speaking, listening, reading, and writing and you will see a major improvement in the ability of your students in all four areas. Your administrator will be happy as well!
  • Listening and Speaking Activities – Past, Present, Future- Teaching the skills of speaking and listening in English are easy with this free lesson plan including handouts, games, and audio. From start to finish, this speaking and listening in English lesson plan will have your students engaged and learning.
  • ESL Lesson Plan: The Conditional Tense – This lesson introduces the “If I were a ______________, I would _________________.” sentence structure to ESL students in a straightforward and fun way. It contains speaking, writing, and games for your students to practice the conditional tense.
  • ESL Printable Lessons For Teenagers: Basic Nouns -  Teach your ESL students basic nouns in a fun and entertaining way with these ESL printable lessons. Teenagers will enjoy working with the free worksheets, games and assessments found in this article.
  • ESL Lesson Plans: Value Of Money – In these ESL lesson plans: value of money, your students will learn the amount that each coin is worth and play fun games with their classmates.
  • Free ESL lessons: Plus and Minus – The absolute most important piece to understand, when teaching ESL math, is what your students already understand. You need to separate the concept from the vocabulary. If you don’t you may not come across well. So, please make sure to assess your students math ability in their native language.
ESL Lesson Plans

Teaching ESL is easy with quality lesson plans.

  • ESL Lessons: The Flu – This ESL/ELL lesson about having the flu teaches the typical conversation that revolves around health and sickness. This important lesson will help your ESL students learn the vocabulary needed to express their health when they have the flu.
  • ESL Interactive Games – For games and interactive ESL lesson plans, look no further. This article has five interactive games for your ESL students.
  • Teaching 3 Hour ESL Lessons -  Want to know how to teach 3 hour ESL classes 5 days a week? One of the best suggestions is to break your lesson into 45 minute sections on reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • How To Start ESL Lessons -  Beginning ESL lessons are fun, if you start with a joke, a music video, or a writing/dialogue prompt to get your students engaged at the start.
  • Free ESL Lesson: Declaration Of Independence – Teach about the U.S. Independence Day to ESL students in this fascinating lesson. Give your students the chance to declare their independence and understand their freedom.