Promoting and Shaping New Website Traffic

Driving Traffic With Promotions

A crucial point that almost every internet marketing speaker seeks to stress is the concept of shape. In the context of internet traffic, shape comprises the many characteristics of that traffic that are relevant to your particular objectives. If you have a website dedicated to grilling steaks, it does you no good to promote to vegans. A single targeted visitor can be worth hundreds or even thousands of non-targeted visitors.

Give Your Targeted Audience Value

Don’t skimp on value. With the right giveaway or sale, you can spend half or less than what you’d spend on traditional web advertising and bring in twice or more the number of targeted clicks. Promotions are very cost-effective, but avoid the trap of trying to save too much. Promote well and you’ll get more than you put in. In our earlier website scenario, a chance to win a new grill is sure to attract a lot of attention.


Cross-promotions are a fantastic way to attract shaped traffic. They’re also a highly effective way to tap into an audience that’s perfect for your service but may not know it yet. Continuing with our example scenario, there are a lot of foodies who love to grill but perhaps haven’t imagined all the possibilities. Through cross-promotion with a foodie website, you can broaden their horizons and win them over.

Local Promotions Are Great Too

If there’s one resources the average website doesn’t tap into enough, it’s local markets. Some developers believe that their audience is an online audience, but local and online are now one in the same. A local slant just provides different tools to reach people. Promoting your site at a local grill-off can drive a lot more traffic than your average pay-per-click campaign.

Go Viral

Promotions are among the easiest marketing to have go viral. Ensure that your promotion is suitable to as many types of social media as possible. Next, motivate your audience to do the legwork for you. An effective trend in this kind of marketing is to give people extra chances to win when they subscribe, re-tweet and so forth.

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